CIA kick off meeting

We held our project kick off meeting in Edinburgh on Tuesday 15th .. lots to discuss and great enthusiasm from the team.

Most important immediate actions – apart from finishing the project plan 😦 – is to finalise the CERIF Technical workshop to be held in Sunderland on Monday 5th December.
This is a joint workshop with the other RIM3 project IRIOS-2

Keith Jeffery and Brigitte Joerg from euroCRIS will be onsite and we are planning a session for all those who’ve mapped CERIF in various projects to present their findings … and compare and contrast approaches. The aim is to agree how to move forward with a model that we can all use .. as well as to get first hand advice from the experts.

The workshop will be available via Webex also.

The projects represented so far are CRISPoolCERIFy, IRIOSRMAS, BRUCEReadiness4REF, MICE ..

If you are interested please let me know


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