Project progress

Work on the second workpackage is progressing well and the deliverables from this workpackage are on course to be completed and handed over to the software partners very soon:

  • A final functional specification is imminent and thanks to all the project partners who have provided invaluable input to the specification; included in the functional specification are the Classification Schemes that will be required and have been assimilated at the CERIF, local and bespoke levels.
  • A mapping exercise has also provided very useful, producing a spreadsheet which maps CERIF attributes and role names to previous projects and we are close to providing a definitive standard model for CERIF in Action. The exercise has also separately mapped the fields required for the Research Outcomes System (ROS) to CERIF.
  • Furthermore, a sample CERIF-XML file has been produced which follows the full (defragmented) embedded structure now advocated by euroCRIS.

It is anticipated that the pre-final documents will be distributed early next week for final comments and approval, with a view to handing them over to the software partners later in the week.


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