Adoption of CERIF in Higher Education Institutions in the UK: A Landscape Study

A very useful document has been produced by Rosemary Russell from UKOLN, with contributions from several members of the project team, which describes the adoption and engagement of CERIF in UK HEIs at the moment.

Concerns raised in the report is a lack of academics’ understanding and/or engagement with CERIF, and that only staff involved with JISC are fully aware of CERIF; reasons cited for this are a lack of time on their part due to REF, etc. Views expressed also included comments such as the CRIS “shielding” users from CERIF and that institutions rely on vendor expertise. However, many institutions are keen to engage more and are aware that a lack of understanding may hinder their CRIS use. It is also seen that a greater understanding of CERIF and RIM processes will be useful, not only for more efficient and cost-effective CRIS implementation, but also that it will likely demonstrate multiple cost benefits for UK HEIs in the future. It should also be noted that all institutions now specify CERIF when procuring their CRISs (although some don’t fully understand why).

Link to the Study


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