Roadmap for Adoption: Survey Plan

The next stage of the CIA project has been initiated with the production of a Survey plan. The aim is to propose a roadmap for adoption of the CERIF in Action approach and identify opportunities to extend and develop the proposed model. The following outputs are included in the plan:

  • Establishing the baseline: defining the current workflows and time/cost impact to various stakeholders;
  • Identifying issues: practical problems faced by these stakeholders;
  • Assessing potential impact of introducing CERIF in Action approach;
  • Estimating the costs to implement; and
  • Evaluating against the baseline and validating the implementation of the approach.

The stakeholders identified for participants in the survey are:

  • Research Administrators – those responsible for the practical aspects of processing transferring research information data for and on behalf of academic staff;
  • Researchers –  academic staff who are likely to be transferring between institutions and wish to take the record of their research activity with them to their destination institution;
  • Principal and Co-Investigators – those responsible for reporting on project outcomes to research councils;
  • Suppliers – Producers and maintainers of Research Information Systems;
  • Research Funders;
  • Funding councils; and
  • IT support staff – those responsible for supporting the process of exchange between institutions and from institutions to RCUK.

It is possible that we may be able to synchronise the surveys with those of RCUK to capture the elements above from an RCUK angle and, as a result, reduce duplication of effort on both project partners and participants in the surveys alike. It is anticipated that the RCUK survey will be released toward the end of June.


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