The RIM CERIF Workshop was an extremely useful and productive event. It could easily have been extended to four days and still not have covered everything.

Discussions included:

  • Introduction of Brigitte Jörg to her new position at UKOLN as CERIF Support Project Coordinator – she will be a very useful resource in coordinating the various projects
  • RIM Support/InfoKit: New developments in InfoKit including updated Case Studies
  • HE Information Landscape Report: Redesigning HE data and possibilities of establishing a single collection agency to act on behalf of all stakeholders, extendign the remit of an existing agency and/or harnessing the collaborative culture that already exists to improve efficiency (or indeed, maintaining the status quo) – didn’t see much mention of research so re-read may be required!
  • ROS: Exciting news re ROS: Fully CERIFied test version of ROS about to become available and UK USer Forum to be established
  • Sustainability: How we maintain the sustainability of projects such as CIA (including extending entities, etc.) … and harvest the information from previous projects
  • Gateway to Research: portal to allow the public access to information (such as who, what and where the Research Councils fund; and the outcomes) on research funded by the UK’s Research Councils
  • Further talk on identifiers and the realisation that organisation identifiers could be even more complicated than person identifiers
  • Institutional repositories, including RepositoryNet+, the aim of which is to create and foster shared infrastructure, both social and technical, that will enable deposit, curation and dissemination of research literature, in line with JISC advocacy for Open Access and visibility of research at universities, including preparation for REF.
  • Useful elevator pitches from all the RIM projects
  • A whirlwind session about information flows now and where they should be in 3 years time – all simplified (except RCs!)
  • A talk on Project Snowball which fostered interest from many parties.
  • Inter-project collaboration: use of JISC wikis (or should other tools be used) and need for greater collaboration between all RIM projects, including completed ones.

Apologies if I’ve missed anything, please feel free to comment!

RIM CERIF Workshop, Bristol 27-28th June 2012: A brief synopsis


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