Steering Group update: University of Surrey

We are pleased to welcome Louise Criddle, Senior Project Officer from the University of Surrey onto the Steering Group for the CERIF in Action Project.



Teleconference 15/12/2011

First teleconference will take place on Thursday 15th December at 10am via Webex, agenda will cover:

  1. Minutes and Actions from Kick-off Meeting
  2. Consortium Agreement
  3. Partner budgets
  4. Project Plan – Project progress update
  5. Update from CERIF Technical Meeting
  6. RIM3 Programme Meeting
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Any other Business

Technical workshop – review of CERIF projects


Excellent workshop today with presentations on CERIF mappings from


Presentations will be posted shortly.

Main focus of discussions/debate :

  • IDs – including issue of whether UUIDs should be used or not; multiple IDs describing the same entity
  • Classification schemes in use … many overlaps and interesting ideas for scheme naming conventions referencing the ‘owner’ of the classification
  • splitting of date into year, month and day components as some publications only have a publication year

Keith Jeffery and Brigitte Joerg from euroCRIS gave expert advice on best practice options and an preview of some of the new stuff in v2.0 of CERIF .. including improvements in handling external IDs e.g. HESA IDs and a new structure to the CERIF-XML to reduce fragmentation … Thomas Vestdam presented on the latter.

Much to ponder and we will continue discussions on the euroCRIS CERIF-TG forum [open to all members of euroCRIS] posting main outcomes to this blog.

A massive thanks to Sunderland for hosting the event … with many attendees both physically and virtually present it went very smoothly indeed 🙂

Snowball project and CERIF

Elsevier visitied St Andrews on 30th November to discuss technical aspects of data upload for Snowball benchmarking project.

Discussions focussed on need for scalability across sector and integrating data from heterogenous systems .. so CERIF is the obvious choice.

Outputs for CIA and other CERIF projects will be very relevant to the Snowball project.

For more info on Snowball see